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 Twitter: @Ladybanana


Random Facts About Me...

 (This is a work in progress)

I am an older woman (don't ask)

I have 3 grown kids, one boy, two girls

One Grandson

I like chocolate

Don't like coffee

But don't mind coffee biscuits

I have a job in the medical field

I like tea with no sugar

I like taking photos

I am moody, very moody

Enjoy reading and now have a Kindle

Moan too much

Eat too much

Fiddle about online too much

Don't do enough exercise although I preach about it daily to others

Never smoked, it's stinky!

Don't drink alcohol anymore as I get headache easily

Love being in a plane

Hate heights

I swim just enough to survive

I used to think I could dance - ha!

I have 2 cats

One partner - male

Rarely watch films, don't understand why

Don't watch a great deal of TV

But do watch Eastenders

Procrastinate way way too much

Had my appendix out at 16

Had my wisdom teeth out at 19 - hence my lack of wisdom and intelligence (hmmm)

Love Squirrels

Love old Church Buildings

Love Trees

Love Derelict Old Buildings

Love Robin Red Breasts

Love fields of cows

Hate people with BO

Love the sea

Hate Crowds


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