Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Don't Want To Work This Long!

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I received this letter yesterday formally informing me I cannot retire until I'm 66.

I knew this already but having it on paper made it more real.

So, I'm keeping another young person out of work as I get older and slower and more decrepit.

We often have a laugh (hmmm) at work about how we will be coming into work with our zimmer frames and incontinence pads, in a worse state than some of the patients!

We will need longer more frequent breaks as we lose control over our bodily functions.

We will need longer to actually perform our tasks as our minds and bodies become progressively slower.

We will be considered geriatric! How do you fancy your medical care being given by a bunch of geriatrics? In fact all shops and services staffed by geriatrics, whilst all the young people are out of work!

Managers will have to have a policy for dealing with deaths at work as more of us will be having heart attacks, strokes and dying at our jobs.

I know this is a vast exaggeration, many people of 66+ are perfectly fit, healthy and able to work but it is a bit of a concern nonetheless! Not forgetting over the next 20 years or so the age of retirement will increase even more!


  1. Honestly it makes no difference to me what age people retire - I don't think I'll ever be able to so I just keep working.

  2. I'm not eligible for our Old Age Security 'til I'm 67.

  3. I have no idea what age Im meant to work too.....think I'm currently better off not knowing at the moment!

  4. 63-66 is the official retirement age in most place right? You have a long way to go to reach 66 young lady ;)


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