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What Happened To PollyWhat Happened To Polly by Jennifer Hanning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Little Polly Hamilton is abducted while in big sister Carmel's care. 

In the aftermath, the Hamilton family struggle to repair their lives amidst shock waves that continue to erupt and spread.
Riddled with guilt and regret, Carmel grows up believing that she will never again be deserving of love.  Shunned by her father and older sister and resigned to a lonely life, she throws herself into her career, intent on building wealth. 

One man believes he can break the chains that bind her heart. He finds the key to unlock deeply buried secrets--but what he discovers could save or destroy Carmel's whole family. 

What Happened to Polly is a story of love and despair, its ultimate concern one of hope and redemption. From Amazon

I didn't expect to enjoy this book for some reason - maybe the cover pic! lol I got it as a freebee some weeks ago and kept putting off starting it, but once I did I found it riveting.

It's a real lesson in "don't judge a book by the cover"!!

I really enjoyed it

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