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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How Fast (Or Slow) Is Your Broadband?

We recently switched broadband provider to BT.

The speed seems to be very variable, last night it was dreadful, very disappointing. There are times when only 1 person in the house can use it effectively.

I did the speedtest this morning ( it's no way as bad as last night) and this was the result:

 photo speedtest.png

I'd be interested to see what speeds others are getting - if you have 3 minutes to spare go to SPEEDTEST.NET

Just click "Begin Test", then let me know in comments.

Thanks :)


  1. Here;s mine. :)

  2. .. and mine

  3. .. and I'm actually quite happy with mine. Apparently my hard drive was failing and I could barely get on the internet for the last month or so. Got a new hard drive and everything seems lightning fast to me now! :)

    1. Most of the time ours is ok.. But sometimes when everyone is home, watching TV On Demand, all online it struggles!

  4. What the hell!!! Well this is embarrassing. I've taken a 1mbps plan which is what I wanted and it's cheap. I don't want to spend much money on it and this is fine for me. Your speeds are enough to send a spaceship into outerspace!!

    1. Wow, that is slow! We'd be stuck here on that with 4 of us in the home.

      We hope to upgrade at some point soon to the new service which is being installed in UK which has up to 76Mb/s download speed!

  5. Here ya go!

    30.79 Mbps down and 4.84 Mbps up!


Please take a moment to comment so I know I am not alone here!