Sunday, May 19, 2013

How To Medicate A Cat???

In my last post HERE I wrote about my cats and their 3rd eyelids showing. At that stage there had been no other symptoms. However for Freddie that changed in the week when he developed diarrhoea.

We took him to the vet yesterday where he was given antibiotics as it's probably an infection, he had a very high temperature (which was taken up his poor sore little bum)

The vet started him off with an injection and gave us pills to administer for the next 5 days. We were shown pill giving techniques and it looked so very easy - in the vets room where Freddie was sitting quietly terrified.

This morning we tried all methods of getting the first pill inside him - and no matter what the pill was spat out or flicked out.

We have since crushed it and put it in food and it's amazing how Fred delicately picks out the uncontaminated bits, leaving the medicated bits untouched.

So, what to do?

On searching for other ideas I came across this, which is extreme but nonetheless amusing:

1. Pick cat up and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow.

2. Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left arm and repeat process.

3. Retrieve cat from bedroom and throw soggy pill away.

4. Take new pill from foil wrap, cradle cat in left arm holding rear paws tightly with left hand. Force jaws open and push pill to back of mouth with right forefinger. Hold mouth shut for count of ten.

5. Retrieve pill from goldfish bowl and cat from top of wardrobe. Call spouse from garden.

6. Kneel on floor with cat wedged firmly between knees, hold front and rear paws. Ignore low growls emitted by cat. Get spouse to hold head firmly with one hand while forcing wooden ruler into mouth. Drop pill down ruler and rub cat's throat vigorously.

7. Retrieve cat from curtain rail, get another pill from foil wrap. Make note to buy new ruler and repair curtains. Carefully sweep shattered figurines and vases from the hearth and set to one side to repair later.

8. Wrap cat in large towel and get spouse to lie on cat with head just visible below armpit. Put pill in end of drinking straw, force mouth open with pencil and blow down drinking straw.

9. Check label to make sure pill not harmful to humans, drink 1 beer to take taste away. Apply Band-Aid to spouse's forearm and remove blood from carpet with cold water and soap.

10. Retrieve cat from neighbour's shed. Get another pill. Open another beer. Place cat in cupboard and close door onto neck to leave head showing. Force mouth open with dessert spoon. Flick pill down throat with elastic band.

11. Fetch screwdriver from garage and put cupboard door back on hinges. Drink beer. Fetch bottle of scotch. Pour shot, drink. Apply cold compress to cheek and check records for date of last tetanus jab. Apply whisky compress to cheek to disinfect. Toss back another shot. Throw T-shirt away and fetch new one from bedroom.

12. Ring fire brigade to retrieve the cat from tree across the road. Apologise to neighbour who crashed into fence while swerving to avoid cat. Take last pill from foil wrap.

13. Tie the cat's front paws to rear paws with garden twine and bind tightly to leg of dining table, find heavy duty pruning gloves from shed. Push pill into mouth followed by large piece of fillet steak. Be rough about it. Hold head vertically and pour 2 pints of water down throat to wash pill down.

14. Consume remainder of scotch. Get spouse to drive you to casualty, sit quietly while doctor stitches fingers and forearm and removes pill remnant from right eye. Call furniture shop on way home to order new table.

15. Arrange for RSPCA to collect mutant cat from hell and ring local pet shop to see if they have any hamsters.
Found here

We have 9 more dose's to give, any ideas welcome!


  1. That was funny. But poor Freddie. I hope he gets better soon. When I had cats, one of them got sick and the vet asked me to see if I could get it to do inhalation with boiling water & vicks vapour rub!!!
    Needless to say that was a hilarious scene!

  2. Vicks! That surely would make them run a mile! lol

  3. I have had to medicate 3 cats on a regular basis - and they are all different. Riley is actually easy, I stand behind him so he is between my feet. I bend over and start to put my finger through his teeth from the side, he opens his mouth and I pop his pill in as far back as I can and he swallows it. Easy peasy.

    Norah? I have to use the pill shooter with her - you stick the pill in it - again I aproach from behind, almost sitting on her but really just capturing her between my legs while I hover over her. I have to pry her jaw open with fingers on both sides of her mouth and when she finally opens I stick the shooter just inside her mouth and push the plunger which pops it way to the back of her mouth and she swallows it because it's too far back to spit out.

    Jake was tough, I couldn't give her pills - they popped out as quickly as they went in. I had to go to a compounding pharmacy that made one of her meds into a tuna flavored liquid that she loved! She had one injection and then another med was transdermal - into the hairless part of the ear. Don't know if they do any of that with antibiotics though.

    Good luck - believe me I know how frustrating it can be!

    1. I've now (with help) managed to give 2 tablets without major bites or scratches, hope it continues - fingers crossed!

  4. That is very funny. mainly because it could all so easily be true ;)

    Unfortunately, we had to give Livvie all sorts of medication over the years, but pills? No way could we get her to take them. In the end, the veterinary nurse had to call at our house every day to give them to her and she took it as good as gold from her! After that, they always gave her medication in the form of injections. It was a pain taking the trip to the vets daily, but at least Livvie wasn't put under undue stress, trying to give her pills! I;m afraid I don't have any tips on giving cats a pill. We've never been able to. I wish you luck with it.

    1. I've managed it twice now, fingers crossed we can finish the course!

  5. It's not easy to give a kitty a pill.

    We've been lucky because all our kitties' meds have been liquid.


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