Friday, February 22, 2013

Have Your Eating Habits Changed?

 photo nohorse.jpgSince the start of the horse meat scandal I've been put off eating meat. Not just ready meals, but most meat where there is any chance of it being contaminated with horse.

We are forced to trust food producers and they have let us down badly. I know some people happily eat horse and that's up to them, but to deliberately pass off other meats as horse is disgusting.

Not only that, there have been stories about, for example, beef meatballs containing pork, not good news for those who choose never to eat pork.

So, for now I'm sticking to chicken, fish, lentils and lots of delicious veg!

Have your eating habits changed?

If you are not in UK, has your country had similar problems - that you know of?


  1. I think I heard of something like that here - but I think it was localized in one area. I'm not sure how I would feed about it - but it's always tough when your trust is shaken.

  2. To a degree, our eating habits have changed. We haven't eaten beef for a long time, but we do have the rare frozen lasagna or similar. We also eat 100% pure (laughs) beefburgers sometimes. We have stopped eating those now. Mainly we eat chicken, pork fillet or fish. All with fresh veg.

    I know some people eat horse meat, but it's been said that horses are injected with a substance humans shouldn't eat and someone else pointed out that we don't know what the horse died of!

    We put enough rubbish into our bodies from processed foods, without this on top of it.

  3. We have contaminations fairly often here in Canada ... it's scary!

  4. We've had contaminated meat scandals in the U.S. I'm eating differently, because of health issues, and eat way more fruits and veggies, chicken, fish and turkey. But you are right, we trust the food producers and they let us down.

  5. Iv'e been a veggie for a long time and it's difficult for me to understand why it's ok to eat a cow but not a horse? I do agree that what it says on the tin should indeed be in the tin. Imagine Linda Mcartney suddenly had snuck some Dobin in I would not be amused.
    I think what has shocked me the most is the way large companies sorce meat,I really had no idea before all this. Why do we buy meat from Romania? It all seems crazy.

  6. Ikea's Swedish meatballs latest victim of horsemeat scandal. Is nothing sacred ?!

  7. Hi ,I am from Vietnam. In my country , people eat dogs meat, goats meat ostricks meat and buffalo meat. I feel sorry for the dogs because they are supposed for pets, not for human meat. I disagree about eating horses because they are loyal animals .

    1. It's just made me think about my diet in general, I'm now eating mostly fish!

  8. I mostly eat chicken & fish anyways. But we had a problem here last year with some stale/spoiled food, including chicken meat, being served in a popular Shawarma joint in Trivandrum that caused a death and a few people getting sick. And then in a few days the KFC in the same city was closed due to stale chicken.


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