Friday, December 21, 2012

They Stole What?!!

Imagine, you visit your GP surgery and at some point you need the loo.

You'd expect a decent loo with liquid soap, paper towels and toilet paper.

So how would you feel when you find none of that?

I work in a GP surgery and I was horrified to discover today that some thieving patient had literally pulled the towel dispenser and the soap dispenser right off the wall and stolen them!

They also broke the lock on the toilet paper dispenser so it no longer closes and all the paper now falls out.

Why oh why would someone want to steal such items it totally beyond me, it's not like they were gold plated or anything.

They have incurred inconvenience to other patients and unnecessary expense to the surgery..


  1. The pediatrician I took my kids to when they were little - always checked the bathroom (the staff did) after someone used it because people were stealing the toilet paper and paper towels. Never heard about anything being broken but geez. There are idiots everywhere. As well as thieves.

    1. Unfortunately we can't check, it's a very busy place with several hundred people coming in and out during a day :(


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