Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tilly: The Ugliest Cat by Celia Haddon

Tilly: The Ugliest Cat: How I Rescued Her and She Rescued MeTilly: The Ugliest Cat: How I Rescued Her and She Rescued Me by Celia Haddon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tilly has spent most of her adult life in an Oxfordshire shelter, unchosen, unwanted and practically feral. Seeking a distraction from her own troubles, the author and renowned pet columnist, Celia Haddon begins a project to transform Tilly into a household pet.

Through Tilly's journey from unwanted and unadoptable cat to adored pet, Celia begins to explore her own inward journey and the way that cats had helped her through the difficulties of childhood and middle age, through to self knowledge. By loving Tilly she found she could love her inner self.

I really enjoyed this book. It made me feel that I'd like to care for all the unloved cats in the world!

It was a really heartwarming story and a nice easy read.

(I wouldn't like to call any cat "ugly" though!)

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