Saturday, November 10, 2012

STOP Paying Off Your Credit Card!

PhotobucketThe past few days have gone by in a blur of coughing and snotting - not nice, but at last I think I'm on the mend!

During these days I had several phone calls from my bank.

One cut off during the introduction, and at least 2 were missed calls.

At first I felt too unwell to care but as they continued I got a little concerned, so I decided to call them back.

This was not easy as I was faced with the usual menus of press 1 for... press 2 for... and not having any idea what I was calling about I didn't know what to press.

Eventually I got a human, verified who I was and was put on hold while they tried to discover who and why I had been called.

After listening (putting up) to the  on hold music for several minutes I was put through to a very cheery young (sounding) man who declared that they owed me money!

I was at first somewhat confused, but he then went on to tell me I had been overpaying on one of my credit cards and therefore they owed me money! The penny then dropped (hahahaha)

This card is one I use as a payment card - I buy my groceries and household bit and bobs on it and then pay it off, usually in full, usually rounded up to the next £5 or so, just to make sure I never get into debt on it!

So these little overpayments have added up over the months and the bank does not like it.

The nice young man said I should stop doing this, I assured him I would and that my next visit to the supermarket would surely clear this small overpayment.

He accepted this and said "thank you and in future - STOP paying off your credit card!"

What he didn't say but I'm sure would have liked to say is - WE ARE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY OUT OF YOU!!!


  1. I have an old credit card from a company that treated me badly in the past. I have left a few pence credit on the card- which I don't use. - they have to send me a statement each month which I think must surely cost more than my minor credit.

  2. Which bank is this? I'm trying to apply for one soon, I first have to get my PAN card for tax purposes, first and then reapply.


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