Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Early Night

This is getting ridiculous now.

More nights than not, I'm unable to stay awake much past 9pm.

I hope it's just a passing phase as I barely have any evening and never have the energy to go out...


  1. Welcome to my world, Lady Banana :) I celebrate when I stay up until 11:00 p.m. Don't know about London, but it's dark and cold here. A colleague told me the other day all he wants to do is go home and go to sleep.

    1. London is cold and dark from about 4.30pm now... Don't get to see much daylight as it's still quite dark when I go to work in the morning :(

  2. I'm finding that I need more sleep these days (post turning 36) and fall asleep earlier on, compared to even a few months ago. Getting on age I guess.


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