Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Travel Free On London Buses

PhotobucketLast weekend I was travelling on the 31 bus.

Most people have an Oyster card which can either be a pass or a pre-paid ticket.

A few people pay cash, which is a lot more expensive!

One particular lady got on the bus, swiped her Oyster card but it showed she had no credit left on it.

The driver obviously asked her to either pay cash or get off and top up her credit.

She refused - point blank refused to either pay or get off. She complained it was too far to walk to her destination.

Hmmmm,  now the other passengers start to look a bit interested, how is this going to end? Will the driver call for help to remove her? Will she give in and get off?

Nope, none of that happened... the driver gave in and let her travel FREE!

So, that's a lesson to us all, don't bother topping up your Oyster,  just put on a sad voice and say it's too far to walk and then perhaps you too can travel free!

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