Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Furry Food Thief

A couple of days ago we woke up to this:

The cats fed themselves during the night it seems!

I was surprised my 2 kitties would be so desperate as to need to tear open food pouches this way and I did wonder if some other animal had been in through the flap during the night.

The following night, not being able to sleep very well I heard unusual noises from the kitchen - not the usual noises my kitties make.

Something fell down and there was a fair bit of scrabbling around.

I was scared but decided I should investigate.

I found my 2 kitties looking nervously at the kitchen and as I got nearer the thief shot past me and out of the flap.

I was right, I had caught the food thief red pawed! It was a big furry black kitty!

It took 2 food pouches out of the flap to eat later but when I looked out it ran off leaving them behind.

I have to make sure the open box of pouches are safely put into a cat proof container now!


  1. That must be one hungry cat! It needs to hone it's hunting skills a bit if it doesn't get fed by humans, poor cat.

  2. .. or lock the flap at night! But oh yes, I feel a bit bad for the hungry cat too.

    1. I can't always lock the flap as on nice evenings the cats won't come in before I need to get to bed!

  3. Aw... Too bad for the little hungry cat... Do you know who it belongs to?

    1. I have no idea where this hungry cat belongs, I wish I could have seen it clearer, but it was too dark..


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