Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Wi-Fi! Yeah Right!!

Being away from home at the moment I'm using quite a lot of 3G data on my iPhone.

This is rather expensive as O2 do not give unlimited like some other providers, so I've been trying to use the Free Wi-Fi in the pubs and restaurants I've been frequenting!

Now, trying is the word! I've not found one yet that actually works!

They give us passwords for their own networks or use BT Openzone, The Cloud, O2 Wi-Fi or suchlike.

But NONE have actually worked for me!

What's the point of offering this if it's quite useless!?!?

-Posted from a mobile device


  1. I agree it can still a bit hit and miss. Sometimes its just stopped working but no one (in the pub etc) knows so they haven't rebooted the router.

    I'm often on the move for work and WI-fi is very useful when available. In the UK I find the most common one is still BT Openzone (also because most domestic routers are set up to provide a service) A handy tip if you have BT Broadband is that the userid for that will usually get into BT Openzone just about everywhere.

    1. Nooo I'm not a BT BB customer. I gave up and just used the 3g when there was signal!


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