Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Benefits Of Switching To Contacts

For a lot of people who have worn glasses their whole lives, the idea of switching to contact lenses can be a bit strange. While more people with a choice tend to choose contact lenses these days, those who have worn glasses for a long time grow used to them, and contacts can be almost intimidating. At the same time, however, there is no doubt that many people who are used to wearing glasses find the idea of contact lenses appealing, and it is easy to see why.

I myself being a long time glasses wearer have often considered contact lenses but I'm such a wuss when it comes to having anything put in/near my eyes.

However my daughter took to them like a fish to water - being a teenager she was self conscious about wearing glasses but more than that, she was very much into dance and gymnastics at school and often felt her glasses might fall off during vigorous routines! With contacts - no problems!

Contact lenses offer comfort, flexibility, and ease, and generally tend to be the better option for people who are comfortable wearing them. Here are a few specific benefits of contact lenses you might enjoy.

  • Comfort - While some people try certain lenses that do not sit comfortably in their eyes, the fact is that most contact providers offer many different styles of lenses. Contact lenses come in various varieties, meaning that it is fairly likely for you to find something that suits you if you decide to switch from glasses. Once you find the right pair of contacts, you'll enjoy perfect vision without even realizing they're there.

  • Complete Vision - People who wear glasses habitually understand that there are some limitations when it comes to vision. Glasses can become clouded or scratched, they can slip out of place, and they don't offer great peripheral vision. Contacts, on the other hand, suffer from none of these issues and offer your a full range of vision.

  • Fashion Flexibility - Another benefit of switching from glasses to contacts is that you will have increased fashion flexibility. While glasses can be perfectly fashionable, contacts allow you the ability to spend days and nights without any glasses frames on your face. At the same time, however, you are still free to wear clear lense glasses if you want them for the sake of fashion, and you can also wear sunglasses whenever you please. In this way, contacts provide a flexibility that glasses simply cannot provide.

  • Easy Replacements - Finally, another very nice benefit of switching from contacts to glasses is that you will not have to struggle with slow, expensive replacements if something happens to a pair. If you break a pair of glasses and don't have a spare, you will have to spend time without corrected vision while you wait for a new, expensive pair to be ready. On the other hand, if something should happen to a pair of contact lenses, you will usually have replacements on hand, as most people buy yearly or monthly supplies. This is both a convenient and cheap benefit.


  1. I've been wearing contacts for many years and love 'em! I also buy some that change my eye colour ... I especially like brown ones.

    1. I'm hopeless, can't even put drops in my eyes let alone contacts but I wish I could!

      It must be fun to have different colour ones - cats eyes would be funny!


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