Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

This week muttered by my eldest daughter:

  1. Cry :: Sad
  2. Stretch :: Legs
  3. Efficient :: Fast
  4. Brunch :: Eat
  5. Afro :: Hair
  6. Preheat :: Cook
  7. Delicious :: Yum
  8. Global warming :: Worlds
  9. Actions :: Film
  10. Ride :: Bike

Play along HERE


  1. When I hear "Global Warming" I think of that movie "The After Tomorrow".

  2. Well... I asked my 2 year old what L is for, eg A is for Apple. He responded that L is for Lephant!

  3. yep i love to have a good stretch on the good old legs too!

  4. Nice of you to turn it over to your daughter. Oh my, so she has read your blog? Oh my! Are you in trouble? lol


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