Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

This weeks mutterings are muttered by my daughter, some slightly different to what mine would have been I think! LOL

  1. Money :: None
  2. Unhappy :: Happy
  3. Joking :: Sad
  4. Chipmunk :: Monster
  5. Date :: Me
  6. Slideshow :: Bob
  7. Chicago :: Musical
  8. Lifetime :: Achievement
  9. Skid row :: Knickers
  10. Edward :: Scissorhands

Unconscious Mutterings


  1. A GREAT musical at that!!!

    Mine's posted late today, but it's up now. I sure hope you can find time to drop by!!!

  2. Ms. Lady Banana,

    I am now following you on Twitter. My goodness, so is everyone else! You might have to rename yourself- Popular Banana.

    P.S. I sometimes say things on Twitter that I don't blog on.

  3. I'm going to read this after I've answered myself just in case I unconsciously repeat the same answers.

  4. :) Your daughter and I got the same for "date" :)


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