Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dettol - But What Is It?

Dettol - But What Is It?, originally uploaded by LadyBanana.

I actually bought this from a local shop - but not a word on the bottle is in English..

So any ideas what it is?

Cleaning fluid, loo cleaner, disinfectant, shower gel???

Anyone know?


  1. I am trying to figure out if it is 30% off, or if there is 30% more.

  2. no worries with packaging like that it is most likely a shower gel =) used for showers lol as for the 30% should be 30% more protection or something... nice blog you've got btw

  3. I suspect it is handwash. I did a an image search for dettol and found similar bottles, but best double check.
    Here's a the link:

    I will ask my mom what it says on your bottle.

  4. Looks like a bottle of handwash to me, too. The dispenser looks like a typical one that you get on handwash bottles.

  5. My first thought was hand cream or body lotion.

  6. Lady Banana,
    I have similar bottles and they are shower cream. I bought them in Asia and have run out. I have been trying to find them here but have been unsuccessful. Can you tell me where you bought this in London?


  7. Hello Edith, thanks for commenting..

    I actually bought it at a 99p store, they had a whole batch of them but now they've all gone. I guess they just get a cheap load and sell them off as quickly as possible!

  8. That is bottle of handwash manufactured by an english comapany called Reckitt and coleman It is an antibacterial handwash with a bit of Dettol in it. Dettol is the name for compound called chloroxylenol or the chemical name being 4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol. The handwash has multi uses.

  9. shower gel
    and it says 30% more.
    i can read it.


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